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The DEVrupt Hospitality Hackathon achieved its mission to disrupt the industry. The proof? 138 people registered. 17 people submitted. 7 completed projects.

Take a closer look at the project submissions and watch our Awards Ceremony Livestream below!

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Dataspire lite predicts high-value and potential VIP guests based on the AI and hotel data. This enables hoteliers to run more effective email marketing campaigns, focus on the right target customers with limited resources, and deliver better customer experiences.

Guacamole is a new concept to reduce the food waste that results from under-personalized and excessive amounts of food. It aims to model hotel guests for any specific day based on age, gender, and nationality (etc.) to help staff order accurate ingredient quantities.

Guessenger is an on-site messaging service that connects the guest with the front desk or concierge via an apaleo one integration. After check-in, the guest receives a link to start a conversation and once a chat is initiated, the front desk can respond from within apaleo.

Leiwand Lock is the “cool” digital access-/locking-system, consisting of both the hardware and software. Each lock is connected to the local LeiwandLock-Server, so any change on the reservation takes effect immediately without needing to generate new keys.

Proselyte is a project to initiate pre-stay engagement with guests from OTA channels. Using transactional confirmation SMS with links back to a hosted guest portal, the hotel can initiate contact before the guest arrives without violating OTA agreements.

Snowflake is a data warehouse (cloud data platform) that enables business intelligence software to visualize key performance indicators (KPIs). The apaleo<>snowflake connector uses API calls and webhooks to synchronize data.

Wirelane, the e-mobility charging solution, enables hotels to offer electric vehicle charging access. The guest initiates a session by scanning the QR code, provides the booking reference, and at the end of the stay, all charging sessions appear on the hotel invoice.

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The ideas:

The hospitality industry isn't known for being technologically advanced. Our goal is to change that by disrupting the industry's legacy standards with open APIs and simple-to-use developer documentation. Will you join the growing community of DEVelopers who are building the technology of the future without wasting time reinventing the wheel?

Join any or all of these channels to get some ideas about what you can build:

# fraud-detection

With the increasing use of online-check-in solutions and online payment technologies, the hospitality industry must plan ahead in order to prevent fraud. How can the industry reduce potential fraud risk and offer precautions?

# concierge-services

How can you provide digital concierge services? Messaging the front desk, ordering room service or a pizza, finding out where to get shirt ironed, and even checking out should be as easy as possible.

# guest-identification

Is there a way to seamlessly collect and dynamically validate the IDs of a digital guest?

# business-intelligence

How can you develop a booking recommendation system model using Machine Learning? How do you define clusters of similar users or model and forecast room demand based on advance booking information?

# automation

How do you automatically notify the guest if the reservation balance isn't paid through a "plug-and-play" payment option. Or what if the room must be changed during an electricity outage?

# distribution

Getting accurate booking information (prices, taxes, payment details) from channels stays a major pain point as well as creating and maintaining setup on all channels is still manual process today.

# open-call-submissions

You have the freedom to create! What is your idea?


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